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OBS Frost Wyrm RDTA from Gearbest

It’s available here►  for $17.43 shipped!

The Frost Wyrm RDTA at a glance:

► Leak Proof
► Sleek Design
► Comes with an RDA base
► Adjustable spread of the posts
► Easy to build and wick
► Decent flavor for a top airflow tank
► Inexpensive

► You can’t change the drip tip
► It’s a little bit noisy

This RDTA is for those who like plenty of airflow. It’s super easy to rebuild and wick and it won’t leak even if you try. Flavor and vapor production is on point but it does require a decent amount of power. The bigger the mod the better. The overall construction is immaculate.

All and all If you are a fan of OBS products this is a tank worth checking out.
In the box:

1 x OBS Frost Wyrm RDTA Tank
1 x Spare Glass Section
1 x RDA Base
2 x Pre-Built Clapton Coils
4 x Replacement HEX Screws
1 x Pack of O-Rings
1 x Pack of Japanese Organic Cotton


Diameter: 25mm
Height: 54.8mm
Capacity: 3.3ml
Durable POM drip tip
Side Filling
Dual-pole build deck
Top adjustable airflow system
510 threading connection

Big thanks to GearBest for sending me this product for the purpose of this review

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Smok Skyhook RDTA from Gearbest

It is available here► for $22.10 shipped!

The Skyhook RDTA at a glance:


► Side airflow or side and bottom airflow
► Includes RDA Base
► Plug for single coil build
► It won’t leak unless you leave it upside down or sideways for long
► It didn’t even flinch at 120W
► Price


► It’s thirsty
► The fill hole is blocked off by the wick. You have to cut the cotton short on that side if you’re using glass droppers.

The Skyhook RDTA is going to hold massive appeal to cloud chasers, due to its hugely generous amount of airflow.
It’s a very warm vape, given that it is intended for use with high power builds, but that warm vape does provide decent flavor.
It’s a perfect match with mods like the Smok GX350, the Wismec RX300 and the iJoy eXo360.
Overall i am happy with it. It seems like a great little 2 in 1, an RDA at home and a tank on the go. You should definitely give it a try if you’re into high wattage vaping.

A big thanks to gearbest for sending me this product for the purpose of this review.

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Smok Alien 220W Box Mod Review – Sponsored by Gearbest

Do aliens exist?

Well, we haven’t find any form of extraterrestrial life yet but in the vape universe aliens do exist! I wouldn’t call them scary to be honest. In fact they’re small, very friendly and extremely cute! As you may have already noticed i’m talking about the Smok Alien 220W that was sent to me for the purpose of this review from

Inside the box

1 x Alien 220 Mod
1 x USB Cable for Charging/Upgrading
1 x User Manual



Height: 85mm
Length: 44mm
Width: 30mm
Output Wattage: 6W-220W
Standby Current: 300uA
Voltage Range: 0.35V-8V
Resistance Range: 0.1 ohm-3.0 ohm (VW)/0.06 ohm-3.0 ohm (TC)
Temperature Control Range: 200°F-600°F/100°C-315°C
Variable Wattage & TC mode
Zinc alloy build
OLED display
Micro USB charge port
510 threading

First impressions

Wow! It looks so elegant and classy! I am pretty sure this is the smallest dual 18650 box mod in the market right now. The body is mostly made from zinc alloy with a carbon fiber panel on the back of it, making for a nice smooth fit in your palm. The fire button doesn’t move or rattle like other devices, it is just solid. The device’s 510 pin is spring-loaded and I had no issues getting my atomizers to sit flush.

There is a micro USB Port on the device that is located directly beneath the two adjustment buttons. You can use the included cable to connect the device to your PC to charge the batteries or to download firmware upgrades from SMOK. Overall, the curved lines and slick finish provides a very comfortable feel in the hand. Note: There is actually a transparent protective layer on the screen , so you can rip it if you want.


Power On

Installing the batteries is very quick and easy. The little door pops open nicely and once closed it holds in place securely. To turn on the device after you have to press the firing bar five times rapidly. The first thing you’ll see on the huge bright screen is the SMOK logo and the version of the firmware.

Right after that i guarantee you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of info this mod provides: wattage or temperature (dependent on mode used), voltage, ohms, amps, PCB temperature, puff counter, seconds counter, dual battery meters and vaping effect S (Soft), N (Normal), H (Hard). That is a lot of information on one display!



The Smok Alien 220W Box Mod has full temperature control capabilities supporting Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel 316 and manual TCR. It works just as well as any other modern device from a reputable manufacturer. With some mods I sometimes feel that they temp-protect too soon, resulting in a weak, overly cool vape, but I didn’t have such problems with the Alien. I used all modes (except titanium) and everything functioned perfectly. No dry, burning hits or cotton burn.

In wattage mode the hard, normal and soft option is actually the ramp up time to apply full power. For example if you set it at 100W and have it on soft, it will apply a percentage of the 100W (lets say 60W) for the first second or so. Normal will apply instantly 100W and hard will apply a little above 100W for the first few seconds then back down to 100W. It’s a matter of preference, ex-smokers probably like the hard hit while everyone else will do soft or normal.The fire bar is very responsive, you can instantly hear the juice sizzling and makes this nice clicky sound when you press. I’ve had no misfires in a week of constant use.

The battery life is amazingly good! It is one of the things that impressed me the most. Not sure if it is just me, but i can vape longer even at same wattage than on other mods. I feel like i am using a triple 18650 device. I use it with two pair of brown 18650 LG’s and it lasts me a day and a half while vaping at around 90W.


The guest star is the Azeroth RDTA from CoilART


The first versions had an issue of the mod misfiring , but this was resolved with the firmware upgrade and has performed flawlessly without any problems whatsoever ever since. If or when you want to update your Alien mod, Smok has a great page that takes you through the entire process. Follow the instructions to the letter.



The Smok Alien 220W TC Box Mod has exceeded my expectations, wants and needs. I’m really digging it. Performance has been excellent and the design/feel is more solid, and even slightly smaller, than anticipated. I was a little worried that it might have a cheap and borderline corny aesthetic, but it’s not nearly as plasticky and it’s construction really impressed me.

For everything this device can do, and do very well, this is a recommended buy especially if you’re in the market for a powerful yet compact box mod! It’s not aimed at the advanced user or beginner. It can be used and learned quickly by anyone. You can find it here for $48.01 with free shipping almost in every  country.

Once again a big thanks to GearBest for sending me this product for the purpose of this review!

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Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 – Review Sponsored by GearBest

*finally in stock ►here

Crickets are not considered to be particularly intelligent among insect species but that’s not the case when it comes to the Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 designed by Jay Bo.

Inside the box
1 x Noisy Cricket II-25
1 x Warning Card
1 x User Manual

Dimensions: 25 x 48 x 87mm
Adjustable Voltage: 2.0V – 6.0V
Battery Display Function
Optional Circuit In Series and Parallel
Low Voltage Protection
Atomizer Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Battery: 2 x 18650 (Not Included)
Sliding Battery Access Panel
Spring Loaded 510 Contact

What is so special about it?
The most fascinating feature and the main selling point of this mod is the ability to output more voltage with a series configuration or sustain longer battery life with a parallel configuration.

Parallel and series configuration

How do you do that?
The sliding battery door provides the user with the option to run the batteries in a series circuit configuration or a parallel circuit configuration with a simple flip of the circuit board. You do not change battery direction when changing between modes. Both batteries go in positive up like a parallel mod. When using the device in a series circuit condition, the Noisy Cricket II-25 can be used in Direct Output mode, or Constant Voltage Output mode.
Powering the device off and then holding down the fire button for 5-seconds will allow you to switch between these two modes. When using the Noisy Cricket II-25 in Constant Voltage mode, the voltage knob on the side of the device offers a 2V output mode or a more powerful 6V output mode.

What is Direct Output and Constant Voltage Output modes?
In Direct Output (unregulated) mode as the battery discharges the voltage drops. The unit slowly produces less vapor until the battery dies. The great thing about the Noisy Cricket II-25 is that it won’t let you fire a tank if the resistance is too low.
Constant voltage is exactly what it says: maintain a constant voltage as the battery discharges. Vapor production will remain the same until the battery dies.
The available power with two fully charged batteries is 8.4V in direct series mode (button light is white), and 2V to 6V in constant series mode (button light is orange).
A light in the button will glow consistently or flash at a slow pace if the batterries is well charged. As voltage runs out, this flashing becomes more rapid to alert the vaper that it’s time to replace the cells.

What is the parallel mode?
Batteries wired in parallel keep the same voltage and split the load, at perfect efficiency this would effectively double your amperage, but more realistically its like 1.5x. Also doubles your mAh. So in an unregulated setup two 2500 mAh, 4.2v, 20 amp batteries in parallel gives you output voltage of 4.2v, ~30amps of headroom and 5000 mAh.

The two battery covers inside the mod is a great extra safety feature

What are your impressions?
I could not be happier with this device. It has quickly become my favorite toy and is always in my hand. The Noisy Cricket II-25 feels great, vapes great, has a solid build and is small enough to slip into most pockets.
When i’m running a low resistance (~ .2) i put it on unregulated parallel mod and it vapes like a dream! It’s absolutely fantastic, it’s exactly what i want. It gives me every bit of power that i’m after. Strong flavor and dense vapor.
When I’m out and about i prefer to use it in series regulated mode with a higher build, something like .4 ohms. I adjust it to taste with the little dial at around 70% and i’m ready to go.
When the adrenaline is high after a tough day i switch it to series unregulated. I grab an RDA at around .5 – .6 ohms and vape it like there’s no tomorrow! I mean really, what else can you ask from a $25 device?
Aside from its flawless performance it’s also great how evenly it discharges a “married” pair of batteries. I’ve done already 3 charge cycles each of 2 sets I’m rotating and they’ve always been the exact same voltage when putting on my charger.
The Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 can do everything i wanted to do. I do not vape in temperature control mode so the lack of this function is not a problem for me.

What are the cons of this device?
The only (slight) negatives i’ve found is that the dial used to adjust the voltage is a little bit hard to grip and turn. That can be good though as I actually don’t want the voltage to change while in my pocket, but it could be a bit easier to adjust. Also, the battery cover requires a little bit of force to shut but it holds the 18650’s really tight inside the mod with no rattle whatsoever.

General Tips
-Always use top quality branded batteries like Sony, Samsung or LG.
-Always pay attention to your battery orientation and which circuit you’re utilizing.
-Do not mix the batteries in your mod.
-Never ever use a battery that has torn wrappings, if they are breaking down, rewrap them in approved heat-shrink wrap casings or dispose them responsibly.
-Don’t discharge your batteries pass 3.6 volts as a safety measure. If your hits are getting weaker, it means your batteries are getting weaker and it’s time to charge them.
-In multi-battery devices it’s generally recommended that you use batteries that you purchased at the same time and always used together, i.e., that you “married” by never separating them. The point of “marrying” batteries is to sync their charge/discharge cycles so that any damage incurred is incurred equally and at the same time so that the batteries should essentially hold the same charge and discharge at the same rate throughout their life cycle. Uneven voltage and discharge can cause further damage to the cells, sometimes catastrophically.

Wismec and Jay Bo outdid themselves with the Noisy Cricket II-25 , this has every aspect you’d want out of a simple yet so intelligent design. It’s definitely a winner in the fun department and likely the most original design of the last two years.
For under $30 you are not going to get a more sturdy, higher output mod. Definitely recommend it to anyone who has done their homework and wants to use something different and more sophisticated from a typical box mod.


A big thanks to GearBest for sending me this product for the purpose of this review!

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HCigar VT250

The Hcigar VT250 is not like any other mod you’ve seen. It is definitely one of a kind. I had the opportunity to use it for a couple of days and here are the impressions it left me with.

It is a triple 18650 mod in series configuration capable to charge at 2 Amps and it’s powered by Evolv’s DNA 250 board (not much to say about it, we know how solid and efficient is). It is made out of zinc alloy and aluminum, it’s curvy and very comfortable in the hand. The magnetic back cover (has a pleather patch) is tight and it matches perfectly with the body. The venting holes are on the sides and at the bottom of the mod.

The 510 on the top is absolutely humongous! You can easily attach a 30mm atomizer on it. With my Samsung 30Q’s fully charged it last me a day and a half (~20ml of e-juice at ~ 90 watts).  Although it is a quite heavy mod what I loved most about it besides the performance was the look, the feel and the finish of it.  With the DNA chipset and the futuristic design that clearly marks it as a high end device, the HCigar VT250 will offer you a smooth, delicate and comfortable ride.

It is available here for $108.98 which is the best price on the market right now