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Smok i-Priv Voice Control Mod

The i-Priv voice control mod by Smok is is compatible with 21700, 20700 and 18650 batteries with a maximum output power of 230W. It comes with the TFV12 Prince Tank and two new coils, a Mesh coil and a Strip coil. Watch how the voice control works and full specifications on the video below.

The I-Priv Kit is on pre-order here and the Mod is on pre-order here

List of commands of the i-Priv Mod

-Hello I-Priv
-Hello I am your new warrior

-Best Power
-Mission complete

-Power up
-Power has been increased

-Power Down
-Power has been reduced

-Power off
-Are you serious?

-Wattage Mode
-Wattage Mode Ready

-TC Mode
-TC Mode Ready

-Lock Device

-Unlock Device

Light On
-The Light is On

-Light Off
-The Light is Off

-I’m Coming

-Light Flash
-Hands Up, Follow Me…

-Light Color
-No voice response, just change color

-Screen Color
-No voice response, just change color

-Voice Play
-I’m Listening

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