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Aspire Feedlink Squonk Mod

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People of Aspire are stepping up their game. After the Skystar Revvo kit with the innovative tank, they’re ready to release a squonker, the Feedlink Squonk Mod – Feedlink Revvo Kit. More info coming soon.

Update 1

The Aspire Feedlink works with a sinlge 18650 only on bypass mode ( just outputs the voltage that is left in the battery) but it still has all the safety features. With the Aspire Custom Mosfet, the resistance of your coil can not be lower than 0.1 ohm. Any atomizer with above 0.1 ohm build will work without a problem.

The protections of the Feedlink Squonk Mod as posted at the Aspire blog are:

1)Automatic cutoff: The continuous fire time is 10 seconds ,after 10 seconds of continuous firing the mod will stop firing and the LED light under the fire button will flash 10 times.

2)Short circuit protection: When the mod detects a short, the LED light will flash 4 times

3)Over discharge protection: When the battery level is below 3.2V, pressing the fire button the orange light will flash 15 times

4)Over heat protection: When the temperature of the control board is above 80 degree Celsius, the mod will shut off and the LED light will flash both blue and orange 6 times

Checking the battery level

When the battery level is above 3.8V, the LED light will be blue only, when the battery level is between 3.5V and 3.8V, the light will be a mixed color of blue and orange and when there’s only orange light it means the battery level is below 3.5V.

The e-juice capacity of the silicone bottle is 7ml

Update 2

It’s finally out and it’s on pre-order here and here

US shipper here

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