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OBS Crius RTA II – Single Coil Flavor Tank

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The new OBS Crius RTA 2 is a single coil tank designed for the flavor chasers. It’s 25mm in diameter, 53mm in height and comes with a wide bore 15mm resin drip tip. The e-juise capacity is 3.5ml. The bottom adiustable airflow hits the coil both from bottom and the side, maximizing the flavor and cloud production. There is a black piece on top of the post which was made from Zirconia. This material has higher strength and fracture toughness than alumina. It is also used in milling machines, sliding parts and cutting blades. Zirconia exhibits great heat insulation, as its thermal conductivity is less than 1/10 that of other ceramics.

.It’s on pre-order here in 4 colors

Coupon code: crius

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